Collection: Body Pillow

In order to get the perfect pillow, you need to consider the following aspects before you decide which pillow you want:

  • Sleeping position: Your sleeping position is the first thing that will help you decide which pillow will be perfect for you. In fact, if you have neck or back pain, then that will also help you choose a pillow that will support the aches.
  • Size of the pillow: The quality of your sleep can also largely depend on the size of your pillow. Just like your bed, even the bed pillows have different sizes. Pillows are normally of three sizes – standard, queen, and king. The size of your bed will help you determine which pillow size will be perfect for you.
  • The filling: Pillow fillings matter a lot when it comes to picking the right pillow. Each filling, be it memory foam, natural fibre, gel fibre, polyester, cotton, feathers, or any other filling, they all have their own comfort levels and support factor. You should undertake thorough research to determine which filling will be the best for you.
  • The firmness: When it comes to firmness, there are four categories that you need to choose from. The first time is soft. These pillows are very fluffy and your head sinks in when you put your head on it. Medium soft pillows are a little firmer. They offer mid-range support to all kinds of sleepers. Firm pillows maintain a balance between being too soft and too firm. Very firm pillows are usually made of ultra-dense memory foam. They hold their shape and are good for people who sleep on their sides and suffer from neck troubles.