Certificate of Achievement !

JDX Store Amazon.in Certificate of Achievement

We are proud to announce that JDX Store has been awarded the Certificate of Achievement by Amazon.in. This prestigious recognition highlights our commitment to excellence in customer satisfaction, product quality, and service. Thank you for your continued support and trust in JDX Store.





JDX STORE Wins Amazon Connect 2022 Award

We are thrilled to announce that JDX STORE has been honored with the prestigious Amazon Connect 2022 Award! This accolade recognizes our dedication to providing exceptional customer service, innovative products, and outstanding performance on Amazon.in.


Award Highlights:

  1. Excellence in Customer Service: Our commitment to ensuring a seamless and satisfying shopping experience for our customers has been a cornerstone of our success. This award underscores our relentless efforts to meet and exceed customer expectations.
  2. Innovative Product Range: At JDX STORE, we continually strive to offer high-quality, innovative products that cater to the diverse needs of our customers. This recognition is a testament to our hard work in bringing unique and valuable items to the market.
  3. Outstanding Performance: Achieving high sales and maintaining top ratings on Amazon.in are key indicators of our success. The Amazon Connect 2022 Award acknowledges our consistent performance and ability to thrive in a competitive marketplace.


Receiving this award is a significant milestone for JDX STORE, and it motivates us to continue our pursuit of excellence. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our loyal customers, dedicated team, and supportive partners for making this achievement possible. Thank you for being a part of our journey. We look forward to serving you with even greater dedication and innovation in the future.